Modern life styles are very different from the eras our pieces were constructed.

With a little care and awareness your antique jewellery can last a life time and then some!

Simple things such as: Removing your rings when doing things such as the dishes,  gardening and general more hands on activities. You would be surprised how many repairs are needed from people wearing their rings to the gym, gardening and even things such as moving bricks!! Yes jewellery is tough but it is not indestructible!

More delicate rings, bracelets and bangles we advise wearing on your non dominate hand/wrist.

Items set with pearls require a little more care than the average gems set piece. Pearls being organic can discolour due to their porus nature. Pearls should be the last thing you put on leaving the house and the first thing you take off when you get home. Pearl rings should be removed when washing hands. During some periods of time pearls were set into jewellery by a type of plaster. This is water soluble so to avoid losing a pearl..........


Things to consider when purshaing antique jewellery.  How and where are you going to wear it?