Queen Victoria reinterpreted the custom of wearing the symbol of The Royal Order of The Garter by moving it from the leg, where it had been proudly exhibited as proof of being favoured by royalty, to displaying it upon her arm.  As she was the foremost originator of fashion it inspired an incredible amount of interpretation into bangles, rings, but also on lockets and brooch settings.

As a symbol it can be seen to represent strength, loyalty and protection, and of course, eternal love with its obvious evocation of the Ouroboros.

So many emotional experiences can be celebrated using this motif, as a symbol of familial or romantic love, these beautifully  imagined  versions serve as a powerful,  deeply personal and immediately accessible touchstone, whether the person it inspired thoughts of were near, far or passed.

The other consideration of course is that they look superb, and can be made angular and tailored, crisp and classic or highly decorative, rounded, draped and finely engraved.  Buckles are as powerful and iconic today as any day in centuries past. 

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