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$ 800

A gorgeous big gothic bloom with a central large cluster, arms radiating outward and finished with 6 slightly smaller clusters. These Bohemian jewellers were the masters of creating 3 dimensional beautiful forms of infinite variety utilising their precious local resource.
This one we call Midnight Garden
Mined in an area once known as Bohemia for over 600 years (now Czechoslovakia) bohemian garnets are a variety of garnet called pyrope from the Greek pyr for fire and ops for eye. Gems from this area are considered to be of the finest quality. Like the seeds of a pomegranate these crimson gems are shining and richly hued. Rose cutting makes the most of their sparkle, colour and internal fire adding depth and dimension. Mostly set in low carat gold.

Circa 1880
Pyrope Garnet
Low carat gold
45mm round
Weight 16gms


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